Get an upgraded security focused search experience.

This extension for Google Chrome™ provides you with a security focused search experience resetting your browser's search to Yahoo!® along with security tools to protect you online. Click ‘Continue’ to install now


Identify Safe Websites

Look for a green shield icon to know which links are safe to browse

Get Live Threat Analysis

Access real-time alerts and detailed reports of cyber threats

How to install:

Easily add this handy app in 3 steps:

on ‘Continue’

Add the

Browse the web

Identify Safe Websites

For every search you make online, get instant indicators to identify scam websites and links easily. On your search results, a green shield icon indicates the websites are safe to browse. While a red shield icon is an indicator of harmful websites.


Check Live Threat Reports

This easy-to-use app detects online threats, like malware, unwanted software, harmful apps etc. in real-time. For every website you visit, you can click on the app icon at the top right of your browser to check detected threat report.